Wednesday, 30 October 2013

What I Have Been Up To & Where I am Going

I hope you’ll forgive my absence…not that anyone is waiting for updates from me with baited breath. The last month and a bit have been hectic. I’m going to pretend that everyone loves me so much that they stalk me and they want to know what has been going on so much that they actually want to see some pictures.

My Birthday!
            Yes, this actually happened. It’s an actual birthday, not one of those pretend dates that you give to robots. I got this:
            The fox hoodie is from my sister and The Hunger Games box set is from my parents. I love both!
            Fun fact: I received three scratch tickets. On one I got $12, the next I got another $12, and on the last I got $4, giving me a total of $28, and my birthday is on the 28th of September! SpooOOOooky!

A Trip to a Land Far, Far Away
            Last weekend I went on a trip to visit my grandparents. Just organizing that trip was a long and excruciating process. I also had to do all my assignments for the school time that I missed before I left. But it was worth it! Not only did I spend some much-needed time with my grandparents, I also got to visit with some ducks and a couple of cats.   


            My plan for the month of October was to read lots of paranormal/horror novels. Well…that hasn’t exactly been possible. I have three lined up for sure, and the spooky theme will probably last into November. Not my intention, but let’s be honest here-I review a lot of paranormal/horror novels anyway.

(You don't get a picture of me because the only picture I have of me at a party with my costume is with someone else, and I look awful. I was a butterfly, apparently, but I managed to wear my wings upside down all night. I was the kind that fly upside down. I also wore a sweater.)

Last Month of School & Placement
            I am about one month away from being done class. Then I get a two week placement and I will get yet another fancy piece of paper that will tell people to hire me. I have to find my own placement and that is a time-consuming process too. After that it’s off to the real world again where I get to wear my big girl pants.  

I don't have a real picture of this concept either, so here's the one pin that defines me:

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  1. Congrats on the birthday haul and belated birthday greetings! I love the pic of your grandparents. Ducks are so cute, but as a child I was feeding them some bread pieces and one bit me! Who knew their beaks were so strong?! Good luck with your class and with placement. :-)