Friday, 29 November 2013

Looking for Beta Readers for a YA Horror MS

Hello fellow bibliophiles

I have a bit of a problem. In the spring I went to a writers' conference and an agent was interested in my manuscript. Yay! It was still in the editing phase, so she told me to submit it when it is ready.

I'm done with editing, but I have yet to have beta readers. I had some lined up-I read and commented on their works, and they were supposed to reciprocate. They are not replying to their emails, and it's been months :c

So, is anyone interested in giving me feedback? Basic or detailed, all is appreciated. Even if you don't like it and stop reading, that's fine, and though I'd like to know how I can improve. Here's my premise for a YA horror, currently titled She Came From the Sea:

Tourist destination Star Harbor has picturesque waters, beaches, lighthouses, and residents. For moody teenager Brent, these things mean nothing. His crush rejected him publicly. His parents are divorcing and they fight over custody of the dog instead of him. They ignore him and obsess over ruining each other’s lives. Deciding to end it all he goes to a secluded beach of black rocks. He is about to throw himself in when a beautiful girl surfaces from the water. Her name is Nerin and she is half woman, half fish-a mermaid. Love binds them together and he swears to protect her.

A mermaid’s duty is to punish unjust men, and she enlists Brent to help her locate deserving offenders. Believing that she intends to scare them, he gladly sends his school bullies to her.

But there is something else is amiss in Star Harbor. Men have been going missing, with their body parts and entrails washing ashore. Somewhere in this mess is Nerin, and Brent has to keep afloat before he is in too deep to save himself.

So...if anyone wants some reading material over the winter holidays, we can swap material and give feedback. My email is my full name, at @gmail . com (you can find it on my profile page).

Happy winter reading!


  1. What a terrible thing! It makes me a little sick that writers--people who are supposed to understand the power of giving their word--do something like this.

    Sorry you went through this. I will look around, ask a friend or two and see what happens.

    Best of luck!

    P.S. Love the blurb ;-)

    1. Thank you :)

      Just gotta keep on going, you know. Chin up and carry on! :)

  2. I'm a regular reader and friend of Magaly's. I'd be happy to look it over. An e-mail is on its way to you.

  3. Dropping by via Magaly's blog.
    The readers didn't get back to you as they're clearly jealous of your work and are busy rewriting their own!
    Don't let their ignorance get you down x