Saturday, 15 February 2014

Thank You, Beta Readers of Wonder!

Hello everyone!

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was a beta reader for my manuscript, She Came From the Sea. The feedback that I received is invaluable, and everyone put so much detail in their feedback. I am truly touched by the response and hard work that came to me.

I was thrilled to read the wide range of responses. How each person interpreted and responded to the text is fascinating. A few people couldn’t connect to the protagonist’s choices, and others understood his motivations and said they would do the same. One person really liked the mother (and no one complained about the one facet that I was worried about). The father needs more work, and I agree.

One issue was universal: the omniscient present tense has to go. I won’t go into the first person POV, but I am currently rewriting the text in the past tense. I thought the rewriting would go faster, and I was terribly wrong! I go paragraph by paragraph (or chunks of dialogue), and the time flies by, though I am left looking at my page count, asking myself, This is all I accomplished tonight?!

I am also adding more fuel to the inciting incident, and that required me to shift around the first few chapters. It was something that I had thought of when I was about halfway through the first draft, and I never ran with it before. It requires more work, but I’m going down this road. Unfortunately, with the next Writer’s Conference only a few months away, I have probably lost the agent’s interest. Whether or not she’ll still entertain my idea when I am done is something I am unsure of. All the practice pitch sessions are booked already, too. However, I am still soaring forward.

My next post is going to about a tool that I have started using called Grammarly. Even if you are a master of grammar, you probably won’t catch everything in your own work, especially if you’re in a rush. Grammarly is like a second set of eyes.

To my beta readers: my offer still stands. If you have something you would like help with, just let me know.

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