Sunday, 28 June 2015

Cuba Trip

My partner and I recently went to Cuba (07 Feb 2015 -- 14 Feb 2015). For those who are interested, I'm posting pictures. The best pictures I have are of us together, but since I don't want to expose my favourite person to the internet at this point in time, I'll leave those out (for the time being).

Most days looked like this.At home in Canada, it was -45. In Veradero, it was 25. As in, +25.

We did have some days like this. It rained at night and winds
picked up during the day. We were red flagged one afternoon and
 had to come out of the water and drink on the beach instead.

There were so many flowers in Cuba. On shrubs and trees.
There were so many unique trees, and we managed to spot a
few humming birds.

Lizards like these little guys are common in Cuba!
They are like our squirrels.

This is a salamander that lived in the ceiling just outside of our room.
Those holes in the wall to the left is where he lives.

The cathedral in Habana.

This is Hotel Ambos Mundos, and this is where Ernest Hemingway
stayed for seven years.

The Ambrosio cave. It has cave paintings and bats.
In this picture they are hanging from the ceiling and flying around.

A huddle of bats. 
The plant life in Cuba was interesting. Flowering trees,
palm trees, and cacti.

There were lots of chickens (and chicks!) just hanging around
the streets. Personally, I love them, but I had to keep
myself from trying to pick them up.

With an waterproof camera (a cheap disposable camera
with a waterproof case) we went snorkeling, which
has been a dream of mine for years. We went with a
company that specializes in snorkeling and
scuba diving. 

These stripy guys were adorable. 

It's hard to see, but there was this wall of blue fish that traveled around us. These were my favourite.

Underwater exploration fascinates me. 

Cuba was a beautiful place. As much as I want to see
everything else the world has to offer, I'd
definitely go again.
Not so nice things: I was stung by small jelly fish (and no one else was), and someone stole the small bills out of my partner's wallet during our snorkeling trip. We suspect who did it, but there wasn't much we could do without ruining the rest of our trip.

Also, I'd like to mention that in Cuba, you should bring your own toilet paper. No one believes me when I say this. If you don't you'll be paying attendants per square. We were in a nice resort, and you couldn't count on there being toilet paper in the washrooms (there was also a lack of handsoap and papertowels...and working hot water knobs). Also, you better pay the attendants. In a public market, I went to the washroom, didn't see an attendant or a coin bowl, and went in. Some men almost followed me in to the women's room. My partner had to essentially pay them off to make them walk away. That is not cool. Lastly, if you have a hard time looking at stray and injured dogs, don't go to Varadero or Havana. There were lots of strays running in packs over the resort, and some were injured or sick. It's very sad, but as a tourist, there isn't anything you can do. BUT don't touch them.    

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