Monday, 13 June 2016

Rome and other things

I can't believe that my last post was in November. I have been reading a lot of nonfiction and general fiction so I haven't been adding to my list of books to review.

But where have I been?

I went to Rome.

And I also crossed something off my bucket list: going to Pompeii.

And I got to do something I never thought was actually a thing...

I hiked up Mount Vesuvius! I know it wasn't a partner-in-crime and I got up there first. So we won. Just saying. And I still don't want to post pictures of the most amazing human being alive - but he took the pictures of me and most of the pictures, quite frankly (short people problems).

We also went to the Colosseum.

We also got to stand in line at the Vatican. The line-cutters were annoying (Jesus hates line-cutters, obviously, and of all the places in the world to cut in line...).

There were so many amazing sights.

There are just way too many pictures that I could post. It was amazing.

But that was last September. Lots of other things have happened, but I forgot to transfer all my pictures off my old computer, so I'll post about it later. Or never.

As for blogging, I had lost some steam for reviewing YA lit. I believe it is coming back, though I know I can only focus on so many things before I get burned out. My manuscript is cooling down and I'm painting a lot, trying to get all of my ideas out. I am running with Lexi. Ginger takes a lot of time now that he is old and his health is declining (which was discovered just before I left for Rome). He also keeps me in this city away from my home and my partner (not complaining, he has been my constant companion for 16 and a half years). But I love my job, btw. It is amazing. I get to help people in ways that I didn't think I could.   

And that's it! I'll be (hopefully) posting reviews that I started but never finished. I want to get back into reviewing. I do review on Goodreads, and I've been posting there. But this is my blog and I hate abandoning projects. So...I'm back.

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