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Submissions Are Currently Closed! (Yes, seriously, still closed.)

If I have reviewed something by you in the past, feel free to send me an email.

Are you new and still want to submit?
I won't respond to request emails anymore.

So You Want To Request a Review of a Book?

You've come to the right place. However, I have a few stipulations. I put a lot of time and effort into my reviews or analysis of any material. Therefore, there are a few things that I ask of you:

1. Give me either an eBook or a hard copy. I prefer hard copies, but unless you live in my area, you'd have to pay for shipping, and I understand that no one wants that. Telling me to buy your book and review it will make me block you. In fact, sending me message after message, or tweeting incessantly about buying your book, will get you blocked, unfollowed, etc. No one can tell you to work for free.

2. If you want to send me a hard copy to review (if you're the author or not), please ask me first to see if I have it already. I have an atrocious amount of books on my shelves that I have not read yet. I am starting to put my wishlist on my Goodreads account.

Also, there are a few things for everyone to remember:

1. Only YA material gets posted here. I do have a Goodreads account and I review all manner of books there. Also, I review for a magazine called the Surreal Grotesque, which publishes horror fiction, reviews, and related articles-but it is not YA. If you have something related to the horror and/bizarro genre, send me a request because I might be looking to review something there! *N.B. the Surreal Grotesque is a publication that focuses on HORROR of the most surreal and visceral. It is not all happy sunshine rainbows. I also review horror on my Goodreads, so clicking there also takes you out of the strictly safe YA world.  

2. I review most kinds of material. Fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, video games, etc. I have a Kindle app for my phone and I currently own a Kobo Arc 7. I know that interactive books are hot right now, but unless it can work on my phone or the tablet I already have, I just can't review it.

3. I will only post honest reviews. I appreciate that I got a requests for reviews-it means that people like what I write! I appreciate that authors are willing to give me free books to read. But I will not ever lie and give praise where it is not due. I am not hard to please by any means. I promise not to rip apart books maliciously without explanation. Even if I don't like what I read, I'll tell you why and you can only get better. It is in your best interests that you send me a polished and finalized manuscript. If I keep catching grammar or spelling errors, I'm going to bring it up in a review and I am not going to be happy about it.

Ready to take the plunge? Email me at courtneyalsop @ gmail . com with the subject heading "Review Request". If it's labeled as something else there is a gargantuan possibility that I will delete it without opening it. You can also send me a direct message on Twitter to @CourtneyAlsop. If this is a problem, leave me a comment and we can work something out.

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