Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Giving Bunny Project

A great thing to teach teens (or anyone) is the value of giving. The Giving Bunny Project encourages participants to make simple bunnies with a paper tag and leave them to be found. This brightens someone's day and encourages the receiver to become a giver. Giving a gift anonymously is something that most people will never do. The experience of giving without recognition is very refreshing.  You can find all the details, along with a template in this blog post.

This project was created by Urban Threads and is perfect for use in teen programming! You just need some kind of white fabric like felt or fleece, some thread for stitching, stuffing, and a pompom for the tail. The site suggests embroidering the eyes and nose. If teaching embroidery to teens is daunting, you can make it simpler by using tiny button eyes and a tiny pink pompom for the nose, or stitch on the shapes. I've seen some adorable variants and it's not about being exact to the pictures. Just get together with the supplies, some snacks, and go at it!

Hopefully we'll be making our own once we pick up the supplies in a week or so. We look forward to leaving them in places to be found to bring a smile to someone's face!

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  1. This idea sounds really cool. I might give it a try someday.