Saturday, 13 July 2013

Goodreads: What Makes You Put Down a Book?

Originally from a post on Goodreads. To see the whole pic, follow the link and enjoy. I had to modify the graphic because it simply wouldn't fit on my template, and resizing was making the text illegible.

I tried to find one example that I point at and exclaim, "That is sooooo true!" but they all are. Expectations, comparison to the movie/musical, slow beginnings, etc, all contribute. What I found interesting is that only 0.5% of people asked cited "immoral" as a reason why they put a book down. That's interesting, as we can been seen as a more relaxed society, or we research the book beforehand, or we read the dust jacket or blurb and make our own considerations. 

Note: More posts are scheduled (if the scheduling on Blogger feels like working) to appear. I'm still editing my MS and I have started job #2.

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