Saturday, 3 August 2013

What I'm Reading...

When I'm my breaks at work, I'm reading these:

I'm really excited to finish the Chemical Garden Trilogy (Sever and Fever) because I LOVED Wither. Lullaby didn't blow me away (read my review here) but I want to fall in love with the series again with Tidal.* Rosebush I picked up on a whim from the title (though I hate the camera angle above the girl), cover, and blurb.

These are all from my city's library. The good thing about being in the city is getting services from a library that isn't completely disconnected from reality (yes, a rant for another time).

*I'm an idiot who picked up Lullaby thinking it was the third in the series, Tidal. I honestly can't say how it happened. Some days, I don't know how I function...

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