Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Gilmore Girls Reading List

Sometime ago I decided that I would read everything that was mentioned from the T.V show The Gilmore Girls. When I finally decided to get down to it, I discovered that many other people had the same idea and there are “Gilmore Girl Reading Challenges” all over the internet. My original idea was blown to smithereens, but it means that I don’t have to compile the list myself. Plus, I am calling it the Rory Gilmore Reading List, because “Challenge” implies failure and competition (and a winner). Neither of these concepts appeal to me, so I am doing this as a personal task and as a librarian.  

Now, I hear that teens shouldn’t be reading what I read as a teen because “it isn’t for them.” I also hear that some teens are worried about making that “jump” from YA to “literature”. Some feel like literature is so sinister that it wants to make the reader fail in life and feel pathetic with its complexity.   

I am going to relate what kind of teens would be interested in the books, and if I can, compare them to YA fiction. I hope to create bridges that are easily accessible.

The Gilmore Girls Reading List has its own tab at the top, and it will be updated as I read. Some I have already read, some I will put off as long as possible (*Cough*The Art of War*Cough*). Everything will get a blog post, even a short one.

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